Grass Fed, Organically Raised, All Natural Black Angus Beef

Our pure bred Black Angus herd is raised in a stress-free natural environment, allowing them to graze freely on natural pasture forage, without being contained.  We gently handle our animals.  Our beef is free of steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives, chemicals, flavor enhancers, age-delaying gases and salt-water solutions.  Unfortunately in today’s environment, grocery store bought beef most likely contains all or some of these unnatural elements.

Samaron Farm is located in Central Florida.  We regularly supply customers throughout the state of Florida.  We are located in Pasco County, which borders Hernando, Sumter, Polk and Hillsborough counties.  We easily serve Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Sarasota, Ocala and Gainesville areas, and have customers in the Miami, Jacksonville and Tallahassee areas of Florida.


Farm to Table

Black Angus is recognized for its flavor and fine marbled texture. The marbling trait of Angus cattle creates a tender, juicy and flavorful meat compared to other breeds. Our herd was carefully selected for superior genetics resulting in prime beef production.


If you are concerned about your family health, the taste and quality of your beef and supporting humane and sustainable practices, our grass fed, organically raised beef is sure to meet your needs.

You are welcome to come and tour the farm and see our operation, call us at 813-515-0082 or email us at samaronfarm@gmail.com for more information.